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William Quilliam

The first ever Britsh mosque was in Liverpool.
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Liverpool solicitor who took a convolescent holiday in Morocco and returned a converted Muslim. He set up Britain's first mosque in Brougham Terrace, Liverpool, creating a centre for education and social support.

Abdullah Quilliam Society

In 1998, a group of Liverpool Muslims formed the Abdullah Quilliam Society Their first aim was to lobby for a blue plaque on the Brougham Terrace site. Their broader aim is to set up a heritage centre which will offer education and support for local Muslims.

The Quilliam Foundation

In April 2008, Quilliam's name was taken as an inspiration for a fresh alignment of British Muslims. The Quilliam Foundation was set up as a 'counter-extremism thinktank'. The founders 'have all travelled the path of extremism and, in recent years after witnessing the logical conclusion of unfettered ideology and its impact on adherence, have resoundingly rejected Islamism while remaining committed Muslims.'

Speakers at the launch included Jemimah Khan, Paddy Ashdown, Dr Usama Hasan (former jihadi) and Rachel North (survivor of London bombs).

Extract from the Foundation's manifesto:
'Created by former activists of radical Islamist organisations, our founders are familiar with the mindset and methods of extremist groups. Now under the guidance of mainstream Muslim scholars, we believe that Western Muslims should revive Western Islam, our Andalusian heritage of pluralism and respect, and thereby find harmony in West-Islam relations.'

Poetry and other literary work by Abdullah Quilliam is available at:

An article about Abdullah Quilliam's political work:

'W.H Quilliam: Britain's first Muslim Activist?' by Ashraf al-Hoque

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