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A Liverpool whaler, who applied his brilliant mind and adventurous temperament to investigating the science and geography of the seas. Eventually he sailed as far as Australia, collecting data on the earth's magnetic field which might affect ships compasses, and therefore marine navigation.

Decades before the likes of Nansen, he explored the Arctic territories and observed the behaviour of currents and the movements of ice. He bestowed Liverpool names on various parts of East Greenland. Always scholarly and religious, he retired from whaling to become the first chaplain of the Floating Church for Mariners, moored in George's Dock.

Scoresby Sound

Long before Mersey Sound, came Scoresby Sound. The longest fjord in the world, its entrance attracted whales because it never completely froze over. Scoresby named it after his father. He named that stretch of the Greenland Coast Liverpool Land.

Scoresby Sound, with its population of just 503, is the smaller of just two main centres of population in East Greenland.

The name was changed to the Danish Scoresbysund, then the Inuit Ittoqortoormiut. But the business of placenames in East Greenland, or should I say Tunu, continues to be a matter of prolonged debate.

A.K.Higgins writes 'East Greenland is known as Tunu in Greenlandic, a somewhat derogatory appellation that translates as "backside", and reflects the fact that nearly all the Greenlandic population lives in West Greenland.'

This site is a 'postcard from the Arctic', posted from 'Greenland's incredible Scoresby Sound - this glacial paradise, a place rarely visited by the outside world.' It contains beautiful photos of the austere landscape of Liverpool Land and the Scoresbysund area of East Greenland. The photos show how global warming is melting glaciers and the text explains why there is so little wildlife.

Floating Church

Scoresby was for a while chaplain of the Mariners' Floating Church in George's Dock.

Floating Church Liverpool

Here's a note from the Liverpool Record Office about the city's floating churches:

The Mariners' Floating Church was an old frigate HMS Tees, a gift from the government to the Mariners' Church Society, which had been towed to the Mersey from Plymouth, converted as a floating church, moored in George's Dock and opened for worship in May 1827. It remained there, maintained by the Church of England, until 1872 when weakened by extensive dry rot, it sank at its moorings.

There was for some years also a Floating Chapel run by Noncomformists, moored in the N.W. corner of King's Dock.

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